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Enumerator Training Completed for GEA-Mastercard Foundation "Nkosuo" Endline Program

JMK Nkosuo Training

In a significant step toward evaluating the impact of the GEA-Mastercard Foundation Resilience and Recovery “Nkosuo” Program, JMK Consulting Limited completed the enumerator training on November 28-29, 2023. The training, held at the JMK Consulting Limited office complex, brought together a dedicated team of 40 enumerators who will play a crucial role in collecting data for the endline assessment of the program.

The two-day training agenda covered various essential aspects, including an overview of the Nkosuo Program, an in-depth discussion of the endline questionnaire, protocols for data collection, quality assurance measures, and the use of data collection tools such as tablets. Enumerators were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the effective and accurate data collection.

The training also included practical sessions and mock exercises to reinforce understanding the questionnaire and the survey process. The comprehensive training aimed to prepare enumerators for the fieldwork, where they will engage with over 2500 beneficiaries across the 16 regions of Ghana to assess the impact and effectiveness of the Nkosuo Program.

As the program moves into the data collection phase, enumerators are poised to carry out their responsibilities diligently, contributing to the success of this vital initiative aimed at supporting MSMEs and startups impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress through the data collection phase of the GEA-Mastercard Foundation Resilience and Recovery “Nkosuo” Program Endline assessment.

By Fadl Rahman Essel, Accra.


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