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JMK Consulting is currently involved in conducting Social and Market Surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation, Gender Analysis or Audits, Accessibility Audits, and Designing of Research  Instruments and Data Analysis. We also undertake Market and Socio-Economic Research and the Development of Monitoring and Evaluation systems for NGOs programmes. We are also involved in offering Training and Capacity Building Services for NGOs in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy, Team Building and Conflict Management etc.

Research,  Monitoring and  Evaluation

Our Research Services include;


Baseline Studies


JMK Research leverages its expertise to help organizations create or revise a high-quality baseline and tracking program needed for performance improvement. We fully understand the nuance of each and can help you develop a program that will change the way you do business.


Advertising Research


This type of research is conducted to determine the impact of advertisement on customer preference and buying behavior. Companies or firms who want to know the impact of the adverts can rely on information obtained from this type of research. JMK Research has the required expertise to conduct advertising research tailored to meet your specific needs.


Awareness, Image, Branding & Benchmarking Marketing Research Studies


Companies use aided and unaided awareness, image and branding marketing research studies to gauge the extent to which consumers are familiar with and have positive opinions about their products or services. In many industries, companies with the highest awareness levels also capture the largest market share.


Purchase Decision Dynamics


Purchase decision dynamics are ways in which consumers make decisions about buying or using products or services. Consumer buying behavior varies among people with different backgrounds, and in most markets it is possible to identify market segments that are most and least likely to use or buy a particular product or service.


Product Testing & Pricing Marketing Research

Marketing research techniques can be used to test product concepts and assess pricing strategies for new or existing products and services. Much of our product testing and pricing research is conducted within the context of overall market feasibility studies that examine both the marketability of new ideas and how best to meet likely customers’ needs in order to promote the product or idea most effectively

Employee Satisfaction

At JMK Research we believe that your employees are as important as your customers. As much as you want to know the satisfaction of your customers you must also endeavor to know the satisfaction of your employees whose strength whether mental or physical turns the levers of production. Be informed that the satisfaction of your employees affects their attitude towards your cherished customers. Moreover, it takes many fewer resources to retain a good employee or keep a satisfied customer coming back than it does to recruit new ones.

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by conducting a series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within confidence intervals. JMK Research has the know-how required for conducting any kind of opinion polls such as political polls, polls on public perception about a company etc. Political polls are conducted before or during political campaigns as a means of identifying issues of importance to voters, gauging their opinions on those issues, and predicting factors such as likely voter turnout and voter preferences.

We conduct comprehensive surveys designed to identify candidates’ perceived strengths and weaknesses as well as brief, “horse race” polls used to track candidates’ comparative likelihood of winning an election. Polls can be conducted on both voters and legislators on their attitudes toward, among other issues:

  • Gambling and casinos

  • Taxes on property owned by religious organizations

  • Child abuse and neglect

  • Development of historic buildings

  • Civil registration for same-sex couples

  • Land use and agriculture

  • Public education

  • Municipal services

Feasibility Studies

We also do feasibility studies for different firms and organizations in different industries. Basically, a feasibility study is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project’s viability. The results of this study are used to make a decision whether or not to proceed with the project.

Impact Assessment

Broadly, impact assessment is the process of identifying the anticipated or actual impacts of a development intervention, on those social, economic and environmental factors which the intervention is designed to affect or may inadvertently affect.

Data Analysis

We do both qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The aim of qualitative analysis is a complete, detailed description. No attempt is made to assign frequencies to the linguistic features which are identified in the data, and rare phenomena receive the same amount of attention as more frequent phenomena. Qualitative analysis allows for fine distinctions to be drawn because it is not necessary to group the data into a finite number of classifications.

Field Data Collection

JMK Research can also help you get any kind of data both qualitative and quantitative whether primary or secondary. We have the expertise for designing various research instruments that meet your specific research objectives and methodology. We can collect different types of data such as:

  • Survey: cross sectional data and longitudinal data

  • Time series data

  • All forms of qualitative data etc.

Data Capture

JMK has a vibrant data-entry unit. We receive a lot of paper questionnaires from survey projects. We know how to successfully set up your projects that require data entry and can ensure that they are handled properly. We take coding very seriously at JMK. It is a crucial element to the overall success of any project.

Info & Literature Search

JMK research has access to various academic and professional electronic and print journals needed for review of literature on varied research topics in several disciplines.

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