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JMK Consulting Limited Celebrates a Year of Achievements

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JMK Consulting Limited, a leading force in research, monitoring, and evaluation, marked the close of 2023 with a festive gathering that brought together its dedicated team, esteemed external consultants, and outstanding field coordinators and enumerators. The event, held on December 22, 2023, was a spirited occasion of celebration, appreciation, and reflections.

Osman Mensah, Managing Partner of JMK Consulting, presented the keynote address to reflect on the remarkable journey JMK has had over the past 17 years. In his heartfelt address, he expressed gratitude to the Almighty God and acknowledged the collective efforts of all those who have contributed to JMK's success story thus far.

Osman highlighted the importance of acknowledging the milestones reached and appreciated the collective efforts of the entire JMK staff. He proudly announced the successful completion of JMK's most extensive project till  date, the registration of all households in the Volta and Oti regions for the Ghana National Household Registry (GNHR), under the auspices of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MOGCSP). Osman proudly stated that JMK completed the assignment with over 105% successful rate, a feat showcasing the firm's resolve and commitment to delivering quality results.

Osman recognized the indispensable role played by the dedicated GNHR Coordinators. Their frontline efforts were instrumental in ensuring the success of the data collection process, contributing to the overall excellence of the project.

JMK Consulting has forged enduring collaborations with external consultants over the years. Mr. Mensah expressed his sincere appreciation for their invaluable contributions, emphasizing the significance of their partnerships in achieving shared goals.

The Managing Partner took a moment to express gratitude to the hardworking and dedicated staff of JMK Consulting Limited. Their commitment and tireless efforts have been pivotal in driving the company's achievements.

Osman finally concluded his address by extending warm wishes for a joyous celebration to everyone present. The festive get-together was an opportunity for the JMK family to come together, celebrate accomplishments, and look forward to new horizons in the coming year.

Story by Fadl Rahman Essel, Accra

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JMK Consulting Limited remains at the forefront of transformative development, driven by a commitment to excellence and a vision for positive change. As the year comes to a close, the celebration serves as a testament to the resilience and collaborative spirit that define the JMK family.


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