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Core Areas

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JMK Consulting specializes in providing tailored solutions for the agricultural sector. Our services range from market feasibility studies and crop yield assessments to sustainable farming practices. We help agricultural businesses optimize operations and navigate challenges for increased productivity and profitability.

Unlock your business potential with JMK's expertise in business development and entrepreneurship. We offer services such as project planning, business plan development, writing of business proposals, and product outsourcing and management. Whether a startup or an established business, we help you achieve sustainable growth and navigate the competitive business landscape.

JMK Consulting is dedicated to advancing the education sector. From designing social and marketing research for educational institutions to conducting surveys and assessments, we contribute to developing effective education policies and practices. Our focus is on enhancing the quality of education and addressing the diverse needs of educational organizations.

Educ Port
Gender Port
Governance Port

JMK is committed to promoting gender equality, child welfare, and social inclusion. Our expertise in gender audits and analyses drives policy changes to foster equality. We work on initiatives to ensure the inclusion of marginalized groups, creating a more equitable and socially responsible environment.

JMK Consulting offers comprehensive services to government agencies and organizations in the governance sector. We conduct research, feasibility studies, and opinion polls to inform policy decisions. Our focus is on fostering good governance, enhancing transparency, and addressing critical issues relevant to the well-being of communities.

Socio_Econs Port

JMK plays a vital role in enhancing socio-economic livelihoods and community engagement. Our services include impact assessments, data analysis, and field data collection to understand the needs of communities. We work towards empowering individuals and communities for sustainable development and improved quality of life.

Lands Resources

JMK Consulting is dedicated to ensuring access to clean water, sanitation and promoting health. We design studies to address WASH-related issues, helping organizations develop strategies for improving water and sanitation infrastructure. Our goal is to contribute to public health and the well-being of communities.

JMK Consulting recognizes the importance of sustainable practices in managing land, natural resources, and the environment. Our services include impact assessments, feasibility studies, and research to guide organizations in sustainable practices. We aim to strike a balance between development and environmental conservation for a healthier and greener future.

JMK Featured Projects


Project-based participatory Gender analysis of the project “Promoting African Grassroots Economic Security (PAGES)”

JMK Consulting Ltd: We were engaged by Plan Ghana to carry out a project-based participatory gender analysis on the PAGES project. Employing one-on-one key informant interview, focus group discussion and key with teachers, children and youth, men and women elders and school management committees and educational authorities etc, the team probed deeper into the gender issues in the project communities. The team also developed a corresponding gender strategy that sought to address the identified challenges. The final report was submitted in September 2011.


Research into the feasible Public-Private Partnership model for the establishment of a Commodity Exchange in Ghana

We were engaged by the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of its BUSAC Funded project to carry out a study into the most feasible public –private partnership model for commodity exchange mechanism in Ghana. As part of the research, we carried out a study tour to Ethiopia to study the Ethiopian Model and reviewed similar models after which we submitted our final report in October 2011. JMK Consulting is now the business service provider providing technical input to the chamber in its business advocacy endeavors.


Baseline Study of the Project “Banking on Change”

We were tasked by Plan Ghana to carry out baseline study on the project Banking on Change project. Barclays, CARE International, and Plan joined to improve the quality of life for poor people by extending and developing their access to basic financial services. This initiative brought together the resources, skills and experience of each organization and sought to reach around targets 63,000 rural households in six regions namely Upper West, Upper East, Northern, Volta, Greater Accra and Central. We carried out this study to the utmost satisfaction of our client on time and within budget. The final reports were submitted in June 2012.

Ongoing Projects

Project: Research on Teacher Motivation and Retention


Client: ESSA

Inception Date: February 2024.

Project: Baseline Survey for the AAFORD Project


Client: AAFORD Project

Inception Date: April 2024.

Project: GEA-Mastercard Foundation Resilience and Recovery “Nkosuo” Program

Client: Mastercard Foundation

Inception Date: November 2023.

Project: MOFA/ JICA G-SHEP Project


Client: Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA

Inception Date: January 2023.

Project: Ghana National Household Registry


Client: GNHR

Inception Date: July 2022.

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