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Dr. Patrick Opoku Assuming

Dr. Patrick Opoku Assuming

Research Consultant

Dr. Patrick Opoku Asuming is a research and design specialist with 20 years of quantitative and qualitative research experience. He is a senior consultant specializing in action research, impact evaluation, and needs assessment at JMK.

Dr. Asuming is a survey design expert with 15 years of practical experience designing and implementing data collection strategies, statistical design, and analysis. His expertise spans project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, baseline studies, food security and livelihood, community development, design and implementation of economic and social research, value chain analysis, capacity building, and results-based management econometric modeling and others.

Patrick has served as the survey design and/or quality assurance expert for all the surveys conducted at JMK Consulting in the past 5 years, where he designs survey methodologies and protocols for data collection and conducts quality assurance exercises to ensure accuracy in data collection and reporting for various clients. These include IDEAS42, Ministry of Education, Global Communities, ADRA, Winrock, T-Tel, Child Rights International, Plan Ghana, and CARE International, etc.. Patrick has specialized experience designing and implementing M&E systems and has managed M&E projects.

He also has the ability to work in a diverse setting with public, private and NGO sectors and to convey research results to non-technical stakeholders and generate interest in the use of M&E data/results for programmatic improvements. He has excellent interpersonal, communications (written and oral), teamwork and supervisory skills, the ability to write clear and concise technical documents and excellent writing and communication skills in English.

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