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Yahya Ahmed Nkrumah

Yahya Ahmed Nkrumah

Senior Research Manager

Yahya Ahmed Nkrumah is a Data Entry Design and Survey Quality Assurance Specialist with 7 years of experience in data entry design, data management and analysis. He has been JMK’s data manager specialising in project data design, collection, and analysis. He has managed JMK’s data in most M&E assignments conducted for several.

Yahya has played an extensive role as a data quality management in most of JMK assignments. He played a key role in monitoring spot and back-checks, shadowing enumerators, and daily analysis of data remitted JMK server on a daily basis. Yahya also has specialized experience cleaning and analysing data with several research projects wherein systematic input, output, and process data were analysed.

Further, he has had an advanced training in SurveyCTO design and functionality, data management and analysis using STATA. Yahya has demonstrated expertise in developing customised dashboards to perform quality checks on all data collected and for the monitoring of the ongoing data collection. He also has enormous expertise in performing statistical analyses of collected data to determine whether enumerators are implementing standard operating procedures for field data collection. At JMK, he audits data with issues and query enumerators to ensure that enumerators are complying with relevant quality assurance standards; and maintains thorough and accurate logs and documentation of audits that are conducted.

He combines 5 years of consulting experience in statistics at JMK to provide clients with high quality and sound statistical advice in a variety of areas. He has particular expertise in statistical analysis, forecasting, survey analysis, data management, programming in statistical and database processing and report writing. Whether the project is large or small, Yahya emphasises on appropriateness, accuracy, auditability, timeliness and efficiency of all work undertaken by JMK team. He has a passion for using data to drive business decisions.

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