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Ishaque Mohammed Essie

Ishaque Mohammed Essie

Accountant and Administrative Manager


Ishaque Mohammed Essie holds an academic Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Technology in Accounting and HND in Accounting and Business Management. He also holds a certificate in Rural Mobilization and Fund Management. Ishaque holds on nine years professional experience in Business Management, Organisational Consultancy, Fund Management and Business Sector Advocacy. As Consultant to GIZ/AFC, he was solely responsible for the training and sensitizing of the community members in the whole of the Ekumfi District towards the creation of a Cooperative Credit Union for the district farmers and market women. It was also geared towards inculcating in them the culture of savings and investment as well as management of their business finances.

As a Zonal Credit Manager with the Hunger Project of Ghana, he was responsible for the supervision and management of the Microfinance and Livelihood Program centres and the Credit Unions in the zone across seven (7) districts and four (4) municipal assemblies in the Eastern region of Ghana funded by the Robertson Foundation in USA, The RAFIP projects through Ministry of Finance, GIZ funded projects, the Technoserve solar Lantern Project etc. He has been a Rural and Urban communities’ trainer in the field of community mobilization, entrepreneurship, financial management, record keeping and business advocacy and fund management.

As a partner with the MicroFin/Plan Ghana projects in the Central and some Communities in the North, he was responsible for the mobilization, training and grouping farmers and market women into minimum groups of ten (10), fifteen (15) and maximum of twenty (20) in same communities geared towards the establishment of village savings and loans associations (VSLA) to help them to become financially independent and have access to business finance through their own contribution for their economic activities.

Ishaque has a strong communication and negotiations skills. He has rich ICT experience with high proficiency in Accounting software’s, Database Management and Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Word). He is analytical, detailed oriented and has very good presentation skills.

Core Areas

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Business Management

  • Microfinance

  • Community Mobilization


  • Financial Management

  • Organizational Consultancy

  • Fund Management

  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Credit Union Management

  • ICT Proficiency (Accounting Software, Database Management, Microsoft Office)



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